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The Easy Way to Collect Online Reviews!

More clients will KNOW you. More clients will TRUST you. More clients will REFER you!


Join your fellow real estate professionals who already use Syndly to collect online reviews with zero stress and without bugging their clients.

We’re trusted by big box and boutique brokerages across the United States!

Become The ONLY Logical Choice

Now more than ever, potential clients are vetting real estate professionals online before deciding who will help with their home buying and selling needs. 

It’s critical that you have a strong online presence and positive reviews so they see YOU are the one they should hire. 

If others have had great results with you representing them, potential clients will see that and expect you can do the same for them!

More Reviews

With SYNDLY, you'll automatically get new reviews after every closing.


Simply plug in your clients information, hit SYND, and sit back while SYNDLY does all the follow up for you until your client leaves you a review.

More Referrals

For most Realtors® referrals are your number one source of business, and those referrals are the best type of new clients to work with.


The worst part about referrals is ASKING for them. Using SYNDLY you can create automated referral campaigns so you can ask for referrals without feeling salesy.

More Sales

When using our automated Review and Referral campaigns, it should go without saying that you'll close more transaction sides and make more commission than doing things the old fashioned manual way.


If you close just ONE MORE DEAL from using SYNDLY, you'll pay for years of access to the platform.

How We Help You Get More Reviews

To put it simply, we make it easier for you to ask for reviews and we make it easier for your clients to leave you a review. A Win-Win!

Automate The ASK

Using SYNDLY, you’ll be able to plug in your client’s info, and they will be asked automatically to leave a review on whatever site you’re trying to get more exposure on. EASY!

Remove The Friction

When it’s difficult for your clients to leave you a review, they just won’t! Using SYNDLY’s frictionless review funnels, your clients will be provided with direct links to your favorite review sites. SIMPLE!

Automate The Follow-Up

Your clients are busy and so are you. Using SYNDLY’s automated follow up campaigns, your clients will receive gentle reminders (in a non-annoying way) to leave that review without you having to lift a finger. EFFORTLESS!

Rank Higher, Win More Clients

It’s no secret that having more 5-star reviews on search sites like Google and Zillow, you’ll rank higher in the search results when potential clients are looking for a Realtor. More Reviews = Higher Rankings = More Clients!

Stand Out In A Crowded Market

Think about how you shop for products and services online. 93% of us will initially click on the business who has the most reviews and a rating of at least 4.3 stars. Using SYNDLY, you’ll stand out amongst your competition.

Convert Search To Clients

Reading online reviews about Realtors is a very important step for the modern-day home buyer and seller. In fact, nearly 82% of them read reviews before making a decision on who they’ll work with. Using SYNDLY, you’ll convert more of those buyers and sellers into clients!

Get Reviews On The Sites That Matter Most

Our seamless integrations with the most popular review sites allow you to connect SYNDLY and get Reviews where they will actually help your business grow!

Marketing Resources For Realtors

Review generation is the foundation for every marketing campaign. It’s the only thing that makes all other marketing more effective. That said, we want to help you with the latest marketing strategies so you can leverage your reviews to generate even more business.

Real Reviews, Real Easy

Experience the simple, affordable solution to collecting authentic reviews from your customers, automatically!